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My name is Anderson Triggs and I believe that gun control in modern society has become quite the topic of discussion in today’s politics, especially with President Obama insisting that more gun control will promote the safety and well-being of the general public. With the rise of mass murders or at least the increased display of them through media outlets, many politicians are attempting to lay the blame of such atrocities on the lack of gun control. However, gun control really only helps gun-toting criminals by making it harder for law-abiding citizens to have a gun for the deterrence and self-defense from a possible assault. If you are a working class citizen in a large city, then chances are you potentially are in muggable situations on the city streets on a daily basis. The people that need guns the most are the common folk, and they need them for protection, yet the mass media is not admitting it, claims Anderson Triggs of Palm City, FL.

Anderson Triggs: A Healthy, Balanced Society


constitution gun anderson triggsAccording to Anderson L. Triggs, a well-balanced and healthy society functions best with the use of self-policing behaviors in the way of looking out for one another in the community. As the Second Amendment of the Constitution clearly states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, it makes no sense to take away such an invaluable right from the common people and only denote it to special agencies of law enforcement. For one, the law enforcement may not truly understand the situation at hand, which could lead to even more disruption and possibly causing harm to the wrong person. The law enforcement are also not always around, so mischief makers will lay and wait to strike for when they know there is no one around that is in control of a firearm. With the possibility of oppressive gun control in modern society, few people would care to go through all the hassle of acquiring ownership of a firearm, much less the right to wear one in public, says Anderson Triggs of Florida. This makes the general public easy prey for violent gun-toting criminals.

Anderson Triggs: Right-To-Carry Laws Are Effective

I, Anderson Triggs believe, right-to- carry laws have proven to be effective, especially in large populous cities where the crime rates are the greatest. Having the right to carry a concealed gun makes it even better for the public, for then the criminal predators are skeptical of whether or not their prospective victim or anyone nearby has the means to defend themselves with a firearm. Oftentimes, there might be one person in a group carrying a concealed firearm, which in turn creates a safety bubble of everyone around. There have been quite a number of studies indicating a significant decline in murder rate with the passing of concealed handgun laws, one of which indicating a 13% drop for counties exceeding a population of 200,000 people. Gun awareness, rather than gun control in modern society, seems to be the more functional and beneficial objective for society as a whole. There will always be people wanting to get an easy edge up in this world, regardless of the morality of how their actions will affect the lives of well-to-do citizens. That is why I, Anderson Triggs believe, having the right to protect oneself and deter such behavior is important for the common people to be granted with, no matter the type of society or government that resides.

The Intellect of The Modern Day Citizen: Anderson Triggs

I feel as though the ones advocating severe gun control in modern society are not recognizing the capabilities of the intellect of the modern day citizen. Anderson Triggs Gun Control ConstitutionalityThe people, especially those with gun ownership, certainly understand the dangers of having such a weapon in their possession and therefore appropriate it with the proper respect the weapon deserves. Very rarely are permitted firearms being used in violent criminal activity, as they are treated with respect and understanding. One study indicated that in an eight-year period, only 5 handguns out of more than 300,000 were used criminally. The prevention of crime from having the right to a gun most certainly exceeds the creation of crime from using such a permitted gun. Even during extremely stressful situations, such as traffic accidents, there has only been one incident in all the years of permitted concealed handguns in which a concealed handgun was used. It turns out that it was actually used in self-defense against the other driver, who was physically assaulting the concealed handgun owner.

The Anderson Triggs Gun Control Conclusion

All in all, I, Anderson Triggs believe, more gun control in modern society will only equal to more violence because the control will only extend to those that currently abide by the law and not the entire dominion of people. It is gun awareness and proper self-defense behaviors that should be advocated, as that is what the United States was founded upon. We must never give up our inalienable rights to an oppressive and apathetic government, or else we will become victimized and enslaved by such a regime. One thing is for certain. Anderson Triggs will never give up!

My name is Anderson Triggs and I am very passionate about the Constitution and the rights we have as citizens. Anderson Triggs takes the second amendment very seriously and doesn’t want anybody to tread on me. If you enjoy the writings of Anderson Triggs, please visit our other blogs at and


Anderson Triggs: Army Veteran & Medalist

My name is Anderson Triggs, a former US Army active duty member who served in the United States Army during this time. I am very passionate about politics and history and I will write more often on this blog regarding those very things. If you enjoy the writings of Anderson Triggs, please visit my other websites at and

4 weeks after the 11th September-2001 terrorist attacks on-America, early combat operations were carried out by the superpower in Afghanistan as a part of War on Terror. This resulted in Operation Enduring Freedom beginning 7 October 2001. The war started with both US and British-ships and submarines launching Tomahawk cruise missiles on the terrorist sites in Afghanistan.

Special Operation Forces were the first US-troops to be sent in Afghanistan for engaging in unconventional warfare tactics alongside opposition forces. Reason behind the War:

Reason Behind The War: Anderson Triggs Explains

Anderson-L-Triggs-Operation-Enduring-FreedomOsama bin Laden, the head of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda, was living in Afghanistan along with other members of his terrorist group during May 1996 i.e. before the operation initiated. He was operating training camps for terrorists in an alliance with Taliban. When the involvement of this terrorist group was found evident in 1998 US embassy bombings in Africa, the US military carried out well-executed attacks at their camps and effected their overall operations in-the area. Cruise missiles were meticulously launched at those camps and they inflicted a heavy loss upon the terrorist group.

UN Security Council issued resolutions directed towards the Taliban to hand over Osama bin Laden to appropriate authorities for trial and to shut down all the terrorist training camps.

Following these circumstances, severe attacks of September 11, 2001 on America left the entire nation in shock and grief. Investigators quickly collected evidence proving Osama bin Laden’s hand in the attack. In fact, the head of Al-Qaeda had also posted an audiotape on a website stating his personal involvement in directing the hijackers.

As a response to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the USA, the war in-Afghanistan began as Operation Enduring-Freedom and marked the beginning of War on Terrorism. Anderson Triggs is very passionate about the time of this operation being written about.

Anderson Triggs: Cities Released From Taliban’s Grip

On 9 November 2001, the first Afghan city to-be-released from Taliban’s control was Mazar-e- Sharif. Following the first victory of the US military, other prominent cities of the country like Herat, Taloqan and Shindand were liberated in the succeeding days.

The co-ordination among Northern-Alliance commanders and Special-Forces liaison teams was the main reason for all the victories. Afghan citizens rejected Taliban control and embraced freedom with joy.

The compounded victories of Northern Alliance in the north encouraged war planners to engage first conventional forces US-Marines of Task Force 58 in the war. All the forces working in the country successfully prevented Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists from moving freely about the country.

The 2006 Operations: Anderson L. Triggs

Hundreds of operations were carried out by the military forces from 2001 to 2014. But operations and campaigns carried out in Helmand and Zabul provinces were some of the major among them.

International-Security- Assistance Force, ISAF conducted a series of military operations during the Helmand-Province Campaign. Helmand-Province of Afghanistan was known to be a Taliban-stronghold and also as a center of the opium production. The limited coalition presence in Helmand was expanded under the stage three expansion of the ISAF mandate. Mostly British forces were deployed in this southern area from among different international forces working in the area.

In January 2006, the main focus of NATO was to form Provincial Reconstruction Teams in southern Afghanistan. The plan was to let British lead in Helmand Province while the Netherlands and Canada were Operation_Enduring_Freedom_Anderson_Triggssupposed to lead similar deployments in Oruzgan Province and Kandahar Province respectively. Zabul Province stayed in control of 2200 American troops. This somehow was difficult to swallow among local Taliban figures who pledged to resist the incoming forces.

In 2006, Taliban revitalized and conducted large-scale- military offensives against coalition troops in Kandahar, Helmand and other provinces situated along the border that the country shares with Pakistan.

The Afghan government had a weak hold outside the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah in Helmand. Even the presence of NATO in the province was limited and a very insignificant number of 130 American soldiers were undertaking anti-terrorist missions in the area at that time. If you care for the writings of Anderson Triggs, please visit my other blogs as well.

But a new Helmand-Task Force was then positioned in the month of April to fight with the Taliban forces active in the province. This British unit was part of Operation-Enduring Freedom which helped military forces in tracking down-Taliban and Al-Qaeda extremists.

Anderson Triggs is a former US Army active duty member who served during this time. Anderson L. Triggs has received numerous awards and medals while active in the United States Army. For more of his awards and accolades, please visit or